Does my website require SEO or PPC?

I am working on my site since last 2 years but it is not generating results I think the major reason is bad SEO?

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You might want to outline what kind of results you are expecting versus what you are getting. Are you wanting to rank for a particular keyword? Are you seeing a drop off in users in analytics? What does analytics tell you? Are they hitting the homepage and bouncing off?

I would answer some of these questions before you go spending any money on optimizing SEO or getting into PPC. Take a hard honest look at what your current traffic is telling you. If you see them bouncing right off the home page it could mean that they don’t like the content. If they are hitting your store pages and you see them get to the cart and abandon, it could mean something is wrong with the sales funnel. Whatever it is, you want to know the user behavior now so that even if you dump 5K into PPC, if your funnel is screwed up and no one converts, you are just throwing money down the drain.

Maybe ask some target audience members to go to your website and see what pain points they have. Maybe take a look at and use that to see how the customers are using your website. There are many tools you can use and many techniques you can explore.

But what you use and what you do next should be based on what you are seeing your current users doing and what they are having trouble with. It could be that they find your site just fine and bail due to some glitch.

If you are talking about being ranked for some kind of keyword, see what your competitors are targeting and do some limited trial and errors.

Again I would fine this out what your users are doing because that will inform you on what you need to do to fix the situation. :slight_smile:


It depends on your company’s objective. For example, if you’re business is relatively new, PPC will come handy for the purpose of brand awareness.

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