Does my facebook sharing links benefit to improve page rank any way?

As i’m sharing my site link in my facebook page, i’m able to get traffic and brand awareness, will there be any chance of improving page rank also??

Every little bit helps. Although mine is still zero so I have no clue lol

Yes, Facebook helps you boost your ranking as well as page rank. More tweets about your business by real individuals can increase you authority tremendously. It is important to have good followers and fans but it is most valuable if people tag you and talk about you.

Sharing links of website or blog post will not help to get good rank in the search engine but the sharing, likes and comments on the same content which you have posted will help to get well ranking in the SERPs because now search engine also give values to viral content during giving search engine ranking to the website/webpage. The other benefits such as traffic, brand awareness are also there if your content would be unique, fresh and quality as well as your profile and network is strong.

Social signals are actually a metric in Google’s algorithm. Therefore, when a page on your website is “Liked”, “Tweeted”, etc., this will boost your page’s rankings in the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages).

Surely it helps but as far as I know it is slightly better to have different backlink sources. That’s at least what expect from Google’s algorithm.

Facebook is very helpful in spreading information very effectively as well as it helps for an online marketing business. One can gain traffic and site awareness via FB but it will not benefit to improve the page rank anyway.

Not directly. I don’t think sharing links on facebook going to increase your site’s page rank. It could help your website or blog indirectly.


If I comment and share my website will that help SEO ranking?

No ! Since facebook is no follow website that’s why it wont contribute to Seo . Still it helps to gather Direct traffic

I am learning
What is the fastest way to move up over a director listing?. It used to be below me a month ago. on my key words. I have been doing anchor text for a month

it is also uncertain because no backlinks from facebook

I have been doing old fashion back link in forums and blogs comments. I know it takes time. I just thought after 1 month I would move over the listing.

list something you have vay?

No, social networks don’t impact to page rank.
Moreover, recently Matt Cutts said that Google+ that passes PR and allows anchor text doesn’t have any influence for search ranking.
I think that the main goal of using social network is to inform society of your brand and develop it.

Indeed it will help you to make your site ranked drastically.Social media is a best way to make your site or product higher in search engine in a min time, that’s why most of the e-commercial site using social media promotion.

It doesnot because FB links a nofollow.
FB gives traffic. That`s all.
But if people from multiple places visit your site and visit it daily, if they are loyal to your content, and they tend to request Google about you. And your site is getting higher in SERP. So FB is useful for SEO reasons but in indirect way.

Facebook sharing doesn’t help with your SEO efforts. With Facebook sharing,people get to see your content that otherwise would not have seen it. If more people see your content, then more people can discuss your content and possibly link to your content on sites that do pass link juice. So although Facebook may not have a direct impact on your rankings, there may be a very strong indirect impact on your rankings.

Posting links in Facebook will not help to increase your pagerank. Although you efforts will be counted and if you site became popular then it might help you to get good reputation in Social media but not in the PR.

I don’t think that it’ll help in Page rank but it is very potential for Domain authority and Alexa ranking.