Does it really help?

Plenty of time is spent on marketing as many people believe that it greatly helps.
How much time is enough for succeeding, or maybe the ways of marketing are more important?

If you work without a specific plan you can through away lots and lots of hours… Make sure you have goals and always ask yourself if it worths your time. :wink:

nothing person,
but if you have serious doubt on question like this,then may be it is better to go for some technical jobs rather than thinking of setting a business…

i fully respect your feeling and query and but it also happens to me in some cases,then i dont sing like singers do …so there may be not point in wasting the time

my thought
may be there can be query and doubt over mode or type of marketing but question over significance of marketing itself if just like asking can people live with out any sort of enetertainment(they can …but result will be…:frowning: )

You need to specify your question. If you mean SEO, SEO is a slow and steady process. You have to spend a lot of time to see the effect.

SEO or SEM is a continuous process. The Search Engines update their algorithm regularly. To tell you honestly, the changing pace is fast. If you don’t follow on trends, there’s a possibility that your site might left behind.

Marketing is not just a belief in something, it is every type of “spreading the
word”. Long time ago I read an adage: “You can’t sell whiskey to an alcoholic
without advertising”.

You can remain silent and just hide your site or you can spread the word.

How much time is enough for succeeding, or maybe the ways of marketing are more important?

I suggest to my boot camp members that they:

  1. try everything and repeat anything that seems to work.
  2. save those ways that did not work, try them another time,
  3. always keep an open mind for another possibility.

How much time does it take to walk to a city?

What city?
How fast do you walk?
etc etc



:smiley: Exactly, A business without marketing, just isn’t a business. It will be non existent, not successful and boring!!! And life without entertainment… WELL…:sick:

I’m a newbie in seo and it seems a very slow process but worth it. I’m in for this.

i think it is a continuous process… things change… platforms change… different aspects in sales, marketing, etc emerge… so it doesnt stop. like advertising… advertisements in televisions have been around for years… and decades… same thing as marketing… though it changes -techniques change… goals change… but the thing all you wanted is to have as many people you can bait for your product or service.