Does it matter if I CAPITALISE my call to action?

I’m keen to know if there is any research/thoughts on the text formatting of the main call to action which affects the conversion rate optimisation!

Thanks in advance.

For their material design, Google states:

By default Material uses capitalized button text labels (for languages that have capitalization). This is to distinguish the text label from surrounding text. If a text button does not use capitalization for button text, find another characteristic to distinguish it such as color, size, or placement.



You can certainly use all caps in buttons, though, because buttons by nature contain short segments of text. In general, adding some letter-spacing increases readability, so feel free to use this trick

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Another thing to note for accesibility reasons, don’t type in caps. Use case as you normally would for the text then use CSS text-transform: uppercase to make it display as caps.

From a design point of view I think it looks OK on buttons like that.
But I have seen many cases of inappropriate use of caps where it screams bad design.


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