Does it frustrates you when you don't get you desired domain in blogger?

In blogger it is very difficult to get your desired domain name.Many people register multiple domains and they don’t use it.
It really frustrates me.
Don’t you think blogger should do something about this.

It’s called greed, but you’ve just gotta deal with it, 'cause it’s “legal”. We are all greedy in one way or another, so no one can really justly cast the first stone.

yep they should take them off the ones who have them and hand out:)

The problem is to distinguish those who have good intentions by those who haven’t…

And that is just making everything more complicated.

Blogger should take steps to cancel the domains with no or single post in the first year of its registration and make them available to general people again. I see a lot of potential domains being taken already and are kept with a single line message for years. This way at least some people will be able to get their desired domains which are other ways simply wasted.

Blogger shouldn’t do anything about it. First come, first serve.
besides, it would be impossible to manage a system preventing it.

Agreed. And not only would it be impossible to manage, but the domains would just get grabbed up again and again. I have found that when my desired domain is currently taken, I usually come up with something better in the end.

Chances are, if your ideas are always taken, you need to think outside the box a little. Just some thoughts. Turn your frustration into motivation.

I like that A LOT. May have to steal it! :eek: :shifty:

At least we still have that option-to be just proactive. There’s nothing we can do about the names you like taken by others, it’s just how things work on freebies.

Why not just go looking for your own domain instead of a sub-domain in Blogger?
I believe it’s better to own than to rent (or squat)!

I don’t get frustrated, I get a replacement.

I know that getting domain in blogger is a first come, first serve, that’s why i don’t get frustrated.

It can be frustrating, I agree. But then you have to move on and get another one. It’s their right to have those domain name. You may be surprise when someone is actually frustrated too coz you got their desired domain name. You’re not alone in this problem.

why frustation?? it’s only name, not important for me

Yes, it’s frustrating but we need to think of another domain name immediately.
It’s better to be ready. :slight_smile:

You make a very good point. Actually, when searching for a domain name, it’s a good thing to have three of four ideas when you start your search.

That is right. The only chance you will get disappointed or frustrated is when you settle or limit yourself to only one or two domain names in mind.

Well, i feel its no big deal. We get to see the similar situation when we are registering a new domain. We hardly get to see our required domain but it doesn’t stop us finding one that is close our desired one. I feel, that’s how it goes. First come, first serve :slight_smile:

I believe this question has been asked and answered. Thread closed.