Does IP location of your host matters in SERP?

Am quite curious about the ip location? How much will it effect if am using US based ip and i am trying to get my site ranked in Canada?

people say it matters. but i think the effect is very negligible if you got other things right.

I don’t know about “very negligible”. The rankings for local searches can be quite different from the .com search.

The searcher’s location is important, and search engines know that. After all, a Spanish user will take some interest into a Spanish website, whereas a Japanese user is unlikely to do so. Now, the language used usually takes care of that, but when it doesn’t, this will apply:

You may want to check out:

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I know we had a client that had to move their hosting operations back to the UK because they wanted to rank well in SERPs. Once we migrated their servers from the US to the UK, their SERPs improved somewhat.

I am not sure about US/CA.

The most important point I read is that if you don’t attract a lot of links to your site, you are better concentrating efforts on a single domain than splitting it between country specific TLDs. I think that likely has a greater impact that server location.

Uptime is very important factor for SEO. I do not believe that IP location matters (maybe for some local searches only)

The IP location does matter at times although it doesn’t have that much impact on overall SERP. But it is said that it is beneficial for local search results.