Does having Responsive Design has really effect on eCommerce Store?

Well I have read in articles and blogs that websites with responsive designs are the need of the hour. Brands who have failed to identify their potential have lost customers. However, responsive designs will only be successful when implemented with the best practices in mind.

Is that really true.Does having Responsive Design has really effect on eCommerce Store ?

Sure it counts, by having a responsive theme, you won`t lose mobile platform customers that nowadays can’t be ignored.

When ecommerce first began to make a surge, people began to see the benefit of shopping multiple stores for just about anything they could want, from the comfort of their own homes. Implementing responsive design opens the door to easier shopping, not just on desktops, but mobile phones and tablets as well. That means people can essentially shop for just about anything, anywhere they can get an internet connection, at any time of the day. By opening up the channels by which we market and sell products/services, we allow ourselves greater potential to connect with our customers and give them what they need and want. Responsive Design offers the greatest level of consumer convenience, so it will absolutely have an effect on ecommerce. And with kids of this generation growing up using this technology, the need and desire to easily use the web across a variety of different devices will only continue to grow in the future.

If you have analytic installed on your site you can see how many visitors are view through mobile devices. You can also check the screen resolution to see the most common sizes and if your website looks appropriate. Many of our clients are seeing upwards of 50% mobile device usage on their stores so its a significant factor in conversion rates.

This is definitely true. Making your site responsive is really just making your site user friendly for all of the various types of users who visit the site. Whether responsive or a separate mobile version, you need to be providing some version of your site that is optimized for smaller screens, or you’re leaving money on the table. Responsive is generally more attractive than a separate mobile version, because, well it’s not a separate version of your site that you have to maintain. It does however, require more effort to maintain a responsive website than a standard site, simply because you have to account for the various resolutions each time you make updates to your site.

All that being said, I would not create a new website that wasn’t responsive. Period.

I think there is much confusion about responsive web design in general.

It’s NOT about technology, but about the ROI for a retailer’s business. You shouldn’t care if Responsive is hyped or not, but wether it’s leading to the best conversion rates and revenues. - Some sites may benefit from being responsive rather than „mobile standalone“, others may not.

We therefore made real-time A/B Tests with Responsive Design against standalone mobile websites, as we wanted to know, if we should offer this as well to our merchant and increase our own revenues.

The results with approx. 800 merchants willing to make part of this tests, were crystal clear: The conversion of a dedicated mobile website + app, beat responsive by 2-3x (100-200%)! Besides it costs a fortune if you want to do it right…

That’s why we don’t offer responsive as a technology to our merchants.
We’ve summarized these findings in some white paper on our website, which I’m not allowed to post here. :slight_smile:

I hope that helps clarify a bit the discussion here.

Yes It will be good for ecommerce websites to have a responsive design as it will be compatible in mobiles and tablet devices as now a days it is the trend that most of the users using mobiles and tablets.

It can be done in media queries for each device width and sizes and making it fluid for all devices.

You can also check with your website loading speed how it is not effecting users convenience for both mobiles and desktops at :

This will help to attract Google bots which is good for Search Engine Optimization.

Pesponsive Responsive Design is stylish design makes the website can automatically convert that best suit the end user’s screen, this is the most dominant style in recent years, it is also recommended in favor Google , the biggest advantage is Responsive avoid fragmented web backlink for mobile devices and small screens for the desktop web.

Yes. Having a responsive website can really boost up the effect in your eCommerce store. Studies shows that more people are engaging in mobile surfing due to development of smartphones. And it is relatively handy, portable and more accessible than surfing in PC or laptops. If you won’t get your store to be responsive in mobile you will surely loose more potential clients.

Thanks everyone

All agree the answer is YES so no need to continue

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