Does Google Still Like EzineArticles and other such sites?

I read that many article sites such as EzineArticles, Hubpages, and Squidoo, (and many other similar websites that allow marketers to create and share content) have lost rank with Google. I’m not sure why and I can’t remember the actual source, but does anyone know about this?

Did Google ever like these sites?

Any company I know that used to use article directories to push their links wasted an obscene amount of man hours posting articles and for no real gain. Even those that outsourced to India or hired interns (grads without jobs) wasted several thousands on links that no one will read or care about, even Google.

It may be a good way to rack up some low-quality links, but I’m yet to see any real evidence to suggest that it’s worth doing.

Well I can’t say for sure if they are infact losing rank with the search engines but I can say that I use Squidoo myself and have done for a while, it’s affect has seemed to diminish for myself but that could be due to many factors including the lack of time I have to input to the site.

It happened after the google panda update and due to duplicate content because many people submit duplicate content on these kind of websites and therefore google dropped their rankings, but now Ezine’s criteria is very strict. However we all should try to avoid duplicate content submissions.

Google NEVER liked them. Why do you think they got hammered by iterations of the panda algorithm!

Yes, Many so calles good websites lost their ranking after first Panda update…

After this update many article directories like Ezine turned nofollow to control spam.

And many other social media websites changed their guidelines.

After controlling spam on the websites, many of them have got their rankings and reputation back.

IMO, before Google loves them. But we are not sure now that Google frequently update it’s Page Ranking algorithm. I think Google still likes them, but not the same as before.

So what would you say about “about dot com” it is still dominating and it is not effected by any update?

How much maximum backlinks with squidoo you create daily?