Does google punish for selling posts?

I want to try and sell posts on my web site. Basically, I would let someone “guest blog” and provide a how to guide on a particular topic. They would then have their information (phone number, email) at the bottom of the post. Visitors could then contact them on that topic.

My question is, does google frown on content generated like this? I would moderate all of the content and make sure it is high quality. My strategy seems different then someone paying me to write how good their product is, which I wouldn’t do.

its fine…google wont punish you just bcoz of that :slight_smile:

Cool, thank you!

I think you’re idea is great. Good luck.

Google will not punish you as long as the site that will buy your post is relevant to your niche. I did it on my fashion blog for a year now.

Ultimately if the purpose of you letting guest posts is that it provides the author an option to give his contact details rather than adding value to your blog and the user at large, then it might very well be considered as selling links. What you can do the best is that have only quality posts by guest bloggers and allow them to add one link to their site or allow them to mention only their email address.

Yah, you only have to look at Mahalo’s, Demand Media and PaidContent’s success to realise that this is doing quite well…

Google doesn’t frown on paid content, providing it doesn’t contain paid links :slight_smile: