Does Google index SEO url rewrites automatically?

Hi there,

I have the ability to create dynamic pages for my Website with SEO friendly URL’s. However, no one (namely Google) knows about them unless I publicly post them. At least this is what I think.

So I could create:

in my Content Management System, however, would Google find this page if I never posted it publicly on my site or anywhere on the Internet? I’m lead to believe no because this could be ANY url slug and I doubt google would spend the time “guessing” url friendly url’s.


You can generate the sitemap xml feed, create the google webmaster central account and submit feed. I believe Google can index most of your page.

Sometimes if Google cannot index the specific page, I will use “Fetch as Googlebot” in Google webmaster tools.

Correct. Search Engines require a crawl/discovery method to take place before an indexation/ranking one.

If that URL cannot be naturally crawled (via hyperlinks) or discovered (via sitemaps, backlinks, redirects etc) then they won’t show in the index.

“publicaly post them”? huh?

ALL your pages should have a link from somewhere else on your site.

Then just get some back links.

That should do it.