Does Flash support dynamic paths?

If you wanted to create an indoor map of a large facility that also provides directions to every possible location inside the building, how would you do that?

I’m starting with a basic idea of giving the user two drop downs to select their origin and desination. I then want to dynamically draw a path to show the user how to get to their destination.

Would I have to draw a distinct path for every possible destination? Or could reuse intersecting paths?

I basically want to do Google Maps, but inside a building with no GPS available.

Any ideas?

ya really great one EastCoast.

here are some of the resource I found related to it.

If you can divide the map into a grid, you can plot a path using any pathfinding algorithm such as a-star e.g
You should be able to plot routes dynamically using the points found by the process. There are actionscript translations of all the common pathfinding algorithms so you should be able to find plenty code online.

Great theory…

Do you know where I can actually find some “actionscript translations”?

An real examples with sample code maybe?

one of the easy way will be to create a map and activate according to the user origin and destination selection.

Other way can be finding the possible places in that route and draw the line between those destination

List all the location

draw the pieces of all the possible destination between two destination in one route

now when some type the origin and the destination find out the possible route in for that destinations and location in between them

once you get the location in between then just try to put the pieces together.

This is exactly what I’m trying to get away from doing. The possible destinations is in the hundreds for each origin. It could take me a lifetime to draw a path for every single origin and destination.