Does fb see file directory when u upload

like when u upload a photo to fb
does it see ur complete file directory, user name, etc.
or just file name?

Hi personguy666, welcome to the forums.

Interesting thought. It needs to know the physical path to the file. But just what does the browser and OS FILE input provide?

My instinct says it doesn’t allow recursive directory searching, but that’s pure speculation.

my q is whether it sees all my folder names and if theyre saved on servers of fb
i got mixed answers on another forum…

You are using a form correct? If so…Facebook and any other website will never see anything of your computer only the file that you send. If it is some Flash or Java applet that can be different. In either case, I am positive it all happens client-side, with the only thing Facebook seeing is the file you pick and send to them.

what about other sites?
when you upload pics and they are located in c:\users\****, etc.
does it see your user name?


Actually, the correct answer is “it depends on what the browser gives them” – some older browsers give full paths, some newer ones give “c:\fakepath” for example.

Easy way to see exactly what facebook uses would be to fire up a http debugger and watch the traffic. The filename bit in the header is what your browser sends.

In any case, facebook probably doesn’t even look at the filename at all. They just grab the bytes – probably after inspecting the header – and stuff it into their rather insane image storage system.