Does email with TLS help to not being flagged as spam?

Does sending email via TLS have any affect to not being blocked or not being flagged as spam by recipient?

I doubt it.

That’s a good question. TLS alone, may not prevent your email from being flagged as spam. There are so many factors that play a part in whether an email gets flagged as spam.

Regardless of the above, you SHOULD be using TLS to increase the security of your messages.
TLS (Transport Layer Security) is a method of encrypting traffic from one point to another. So by using TLS email, a layer of security can be added to your messages.

Here is some more information about TLS:

And here are some reasons about why you should be using TLS.

Hope that helps!

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Surely the problem is that you’ll only be using TLS to connect to your SMTP server, which will then forward it to the recipient without any kind of notion that you used TLS for the first step.

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