Does Domain Age Matter in SEO

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Just as long as you create your own version of the content and do not breach the copyright of the person who owns the content that was on the pages before.

Of course there you are picking up the value from the backlinks to the deleted pages. The only way in which the domain age impacts that is that the longer a domain has been around, the more links to pages on the domain you get (except if the domain changes hands without the site and the new owner doesn’t create equivalent pages).

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Many people do just cut and paste what they find in the wayback machine, not knowing or caring that doing that breaches the original author’s copyright.

When I say “replicate”, I mean “create your own version”.


Google appear at the domain age just because if you’re awake there for a long time, that must possibly indicate you’re publishing excellence content. It only means that your site is awake because of a reason and you’re not just any spam sites that go up and then disappear from the radar.