Does Document sharing have any SEO value?

I have heard many experts say that Document sharing in sites like scribd has a great SEO value. The documents uploaded in sites like scribd will not get crawled anyway. However, the description gets crawled and appears in the top of search results. Has anyone considered this document sharing as a part of your SEO srtategy?

Considering how there are likely to be multiple copies of a given document spreading around the Internet, probably not a good idea to do this considering how Google will find them, pick all but one of them, and filter the rest out of their index.

In other words, it’s probably not worth the effort would need to be invested in making it “work”.

I have actually spent time in doing this “document sharing”. It worked out real Good. Google picks up description and not the real content. SO vary the description. Trust me some docs got 1000+ views :eek:

i don’t think it will make any difference to your site’s seo. Its a waste of time

So you say none of these 1000+ views will get converted to clicks?? Man I even managed to get some business out of these informative docs. Give information and you will see the returns.