Does design issue of a website effect in search? and are my websites.I thought both of them has design issue. while submitting the sitemap it shows url error in webmaster. dose any sort of design issue of a website effect in search?

You don’t say what errors are reported. However, it would be worthwhile running your websites through the HTML validator and fixing the errors reported.

These error can affect how users and crawlers see your site.

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The design of your site won’t have any effect on SEO. By design, I mean things like fonts, colours and other purely decorative matters.

The structure of your site may have an effect. Although no longer as crucial as it once was, you should still aim to structure your page in a careful and logical way, so that the main content is fairly near the top. (Failure to do this won’t cause errors, but may affect the way your page displays in search results.) You should also ensure your HTML structure is correct; as @Gandalf says, the first step would be to run your pages through the validator. Code errors can make it difficult or impossible for search engine bots to spider a page correctly.


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