Does Blog Directory works in SEO?

How Do Blog Directory increases keyword ranking for any site, does it really works?

If the directory is reputable, it will follow Google’s guidelines and mark user-submitted links as nofollow, rendering them useless for SEO. If the directory is not reputable, posting your link there will do you no good, and may do you harm.

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Yes. IF you write blogs about your product will help you get more traffic. Notice that include your keywords in the blog and do proper links get more traffic and impression. Write good and quality contents always.

The question was not about blog posts nor about getting traffic.
And even if it was, please explain why it would work

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I am SEO beginner. I am not sure if directory submission harm our website.

If directory submission is not harm our website then how many can we do per day?

Please help me

Welcome to the forums, @trikore0416.

I’ve merged your post into this thread, as you are asking much the same question. I think you’ll find that post #2 provides the answer, but please feel free to post again here if there is anything you need clarified.


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There is no doubt that blog directory help you to improve SEO of a site, so you can use various directory sites to include your site in their directory.

There seems to me to be plenty of doubt, as explained in post #2. If you have information from an authoritative source (e.g. Google, Bing, etc.) to back up your claim, them please post it.

If you want to disagree with something which has already been said in a thread, that’s fine, but please ensure you always give evidence to back up your stance. Otherwise, the thread just keeps covering the same ground over and over, which is of no help to anyone.


Yes, Blog directory helps to increases your site ranking. But it depends upon some criteria like do-follow, no-follow, PR, Trust flow and citation flow etc.

Please let us know these criteria, preferably backed up by sources

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As @DarthGuido says, your post is of no help without an authoritative source to back it up.

However, you are wrong about Trust Flow and Citation Flow. These are metrics created and used by and have no influence on SEO.

So, sir is there any summarize tips on how to post links on a blog directories so that it cannot be marked as a nofollow? I’ve been doing this blog directory submissions for so long and I’ve never encountered this matter, thank you in advance about this, I would consider this tip.

No, there isn’t - nor should there be.

The owner of the directory has the right to mark links nofollow if they choose. If you wish to use their service, you will need to abide by their rules, not try to find ways to circumvent them.

Sites mark user-submitted links as nofollow to stay within Google’s guidelines, and not risk being penalised themselves for participating in link schemes. (Of course, were it not for the folk who think that plastering links all over the Internet is the way to improve their search rankings, such methods would probably be unnecessary.)

These forums mark user-submitted links nofollow, in accordance with those guidelines. Periodically, we see members attempt to circumvent that rule. I can assure you that not only does it not work, but it generally results in the member being banned from the forums.


Is there any parameters to follow on posting directory posting? I mean the techniques so I can gain more SERPs for this?

I have moved your post into this topic, @Hulyo, rather than duplicate the discussion. As has already been explained, directory submission is unlikely to have any effect on SERPs, unless you’re perceived to be using it to attempt to manipulate ranking, in which case your site may be penalised.

For me it is not working. I try so many times. Whitout any resuld

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Blog directory is still matter. As long they follow google guidelines. As Matt Cutt saids you must first review whether the directory is real, do they review those submitted site,… Other criteria whether directory is good or not can be find here… Matt cutts sited

That video (from 2009) backs up what I’ve been saying. Listen at the end, where Matt Cutts says that if you create a great site and make sure people know about it, then you don’t have to worry about submitting it to directories at all.

He also makes the point that the only directories worth using are those which vet potential entries, and only allow those which they think are good sites of genuine interest. The kinds of directory referred to in this topic are those where anybody can submit their own link(s) with no editorial oversight.

If you look at post #2, and the link in that post, you will see that Google regards these low-quality sites as problematic.

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