Does anyone like Marvel's New Direction?

Personally, I hate it.

Thor is a male Captain America is from the WWII era and yes he is a white guy.

That said…I could not imagine Samuel L. Jackson as anyone else BUT Nick Fury. He’s perfect for that part.

Can they not stay away from political correctness?

I’ve never been a Marvel fan (comics or otherwise). It was a surprise for me that I enjoyed the three movies of Iron Man. I really liked them.

But too much of a thing is… too much. Marvel’s characters are more or less similar and it is funny that Marvel’ stories end up to be similar too (up to a point).

Let me prove it to you (Spoilers ahead). This comes from a FB shared link

A Summary of Marvel Movies: X-Men 2: Jean dies, but not really
X-Men TLS: Charles dies, but not really
Thor: Loki dies, but not really
Captain America: Bucky dies, but not really
Avengers: Phil dies, but not really
Iron Man 3: Pepper dies, but not really
Thor 2: Loki dies (again), but not really
Captain America 2: Nick dies, but not really
X-Men: DOFP: Everyone dies, but not really

Have to say that I’m glad that Spiderman is not on the list. I really hate Spiderman… only to be followed by Superman :laughing:

edit: I mean, they’re trying to refresh each character and sell more but I think that the whole thing is a bit ridiculous.

For those who don’t know what @bshearer is talking about, here’s an article on the subject

I would some more after reading this: I hate when to go on with a character they have to change it from being good to bad. In this case, I’m talking of Tony Stark. In the movies, he’s already on the edge and that makes him fun. But you don’t want a superhero turn to evil, do you? And that’s already been used so often

From what I understand, is that Comics change like this frequently. This is just a big change probably purposely designed to make headlines and get people talking.

I don’t follow actual Comic Books very much, but I’ve seen a few insane story arcs/fork (whatever they are called) like this.

I mean… there was even an Archie and Punisher crossover once.


I’ll give you X-Men: DOFP…even I thought that was stupid.
As well as Charles and Phil dying.

But the others did not die and I saw where that was going. If you had grown up reading the Marvel Comics (like I did) you would have known where the characters were going.

BUT as you say it does appear that way.

I do think enough is enough. It seems every great Director (at least they think they are great) wants to leave his/her mark on a reboot of a character and they spin it.

Case in point, the first Hulk movie. REALLY!

The 2nd Hulk movie was a huge step up from the 1st one. Now I would love to see what Mark Ruffalo would do in his version of Hulk should they go in that direction.

I just DO NOT want them to change Thor to a female!

Me neither. Have no strong opinion about the others, but that just doesn’t seem right.

I hate that they killed off Archie but then again I am sure he will come back in a future issue when sales slump and they fire the guy that thought that bad idea up.

That Marvel-ous article is just wrong on so many levels. Its now getting me to the point that I will not pay one cent to see any of the Marvel movies coming out.

Maybe I am in an alternate universe…right now. HELP!

Yeah! I have Thor comic books that I bet were spinning in my closet when they heard there was going to be a female Thor.

I just think these people have no life and certainly NO IMAGINATION.

The only comic I’ve really read was X-Men but the movies didn’t do it justice, at least not the X-Men I remembered. They’re were Ok though.

I don’t care if Thor is male or female. I understand that they want to target the females too but I do see a pattern of changes that it looks like they lost their north… or that they don’t know what else to do to keep their market not even to make it grow

But Thor is male. No two ways about it.
This is just politically correct nonsense coupled with a sad attempt to cash in on a franchise whilst caring nothing for the people that made it successful.

Who says? :stuck_out_tongue:

As I say, I don’t have strong feelings towards/against Thor (not even as a Nordic god) but I have to agree with you

I could do without some of it, but I won’t lie. When I see the Marvel opening sequence at the beginning of a movie, I get excited. I never got into comics much when I was a kid, so I have a lot of makeup work to do.

I think they (being Marvel idiots) see an opportunity when the other side cannot even come close to finding a decent Wonder Woman.

Being rhetorical now:
Why not reboot Thor into a hot female holding Mjolnir. She would be more powerful than Wonder Woman.

I predict this will be the biggest flop and Marvel will regret it in a HUGE way.

Then WW will come out and it will break all of the records. WW folks will surely get my Marvel dollars that day.