Does anyone know how to create this grid system in Blogger?

I want to create a grid system used in for Blogger.

1st row has 1 post,
2nd row has 3 posts and
3rd row has 2 posts.

That above one has to be placed in a loop.

How to write code for that in Blogger?

Hi @Techapu, I think what you need can be achieved with the following CSS technique:

Reading through that article should give you a good idea of how to go about it… you can basically target elements by being multiples of a number and you can add an offset to it, and you would be able to set in this way the element widths accordingly. Give it a go and post some code once you get stuck and we should be able to help.

Best of luck

Yes, I will go through it.

Taken a break from coding my template, so late reply.

Thank You.

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