Does anyone know how can i create a page like the link below?


The link you posted goes to a javascript driven “communityFrontendApp”.

Where is the page you want to create? Please elaborate what you ask for.

Thats an example of a page i wanna develop. The page is a digital download page that allow user to download files and also alow user to post files for other user to download.

@surajkay19, it would be helpful if you could give us an idea of what kind of skills and experience you have in developing web applications and dynamic websites. Then people would know what kind of advice or information would be most useful to you.


I have basics skills in javascrpt. html, php css. I also have a website but would like to implement a download page in my website. This is for a school project. Can you please help me

I am trying to create a digital download webpage that works like this website I have a website but i would like to have a digital download that has feature such as search, popular downloads and a category. Does anyone about any plugin i can use to get this to work?

Does anyone have an idea how i can create a downloadable website that will have features such as: a search bar to search for items, popular downloads and a category list.

@surajkay19, that question is too general for us to answer. I’m sure many people have an idea how you could create this page, but we won’t do it for you. So you need to plan the page and start building it yourself. Then come to us if you get stuck on a specific part of the website.

You have listed three features that you would like on the website. Decide first of all what languages you will need to use. You have posted this question in the CMS & WordPress category. Do you want to build the site with WordPress? If so, try hunting for a ready-made WordPress theme that will fill your needs.


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