Does anyone have experience with Sencha, Jquery MObile?

does anyone have experience with the following frameworks ?

Jquery Mobile,
ore another good framework

im curious if someone has experience with this and what is the best choise, also what u use for testing (emulator ore real phone)
does anyone have a nice idea for my graduate, to make with one of this frameworks? all idea’s are welcome

im using jquery mobile right and i like it. I’ve used JQ Touch as well, which i thought was pretty good too. Both have pretty small learning curves to get up and running and I’ve run into similar issues with both.

I think right now, i prefer jquery mobile – it almost immediately makes your mobile site look like a mobile app and you can add custom themes too. Seems pretty flexible.

I have been responsible for more and “mobile” web stuff. That said recently I have tried out jquery mobile. It seems to work well for the first few requests but seems just sh*t on itself after viewing several pages. I had to turn off AJAX to even get it to be practical. The one thing I will say is that out of all the JQuery swipe detection algorithms JQuery Mobile seems to have the best one. JQ Touch always seems buggy when it comes to swipe detection and the same for Swipe. JQuery Mobile is a good idea, but it seems to have issues, then again its only in beta.