Does a color typewriter website exist?

I use MouseTrap for anything that has to do with the keyboard. It’s super lightweight, binding is easy, and it works all the way back to IE6:

Mousetrap.bind('a', function(){}) // Binds the "a" key
Mousetrap.bind('ctrl+s', function(){}) // Binds CTRL+S
Mousetrap.bind('right', function(){}) // Binds the right arrow
Mousetrap.bind('up up down down left right left right a b', function(){}) // Binds the "Konami Code"

…and by reversing the process we can take the image and decode the original message

I’ll check that out. I know there is plenty of room for improvement, which I did not have the time to add originally. As far as “-” and “=” not working, I noticed one of the Macs at college did not work despite the rest working, which might have been related to hot keys. Either way, I will be changing things because I originally did want to be able to combine shift + “key” to double the colors. Other cool additions I wanted it to be able to choose between whole colors sets and of course a gallery. So I’ll keep everyone posted. Enhancements will probably come in a few weeks after I finish finals and graduate :smile:

Also, I plan to eventually make this work on mobile. If anyone knows the best way to capture input on a touch screen, I could use the advice.

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