Documentation/Help authoring web based tool?

We are looking for a documentation/help authoring tool that is web based.

We like Atlassians Confluence but would rather find something we can host on a basic LAMP setup.

We are basically looking for a content management system that allows versions and approval of all of the content as well as a display in a documentation format similar to this:
Confluence Documentation Home - Confluence 3.5 - Atlassian Documentation - Confluence

Where it has the tree structure to the left, a search, etc.

Any ideas?

We currently use Help and Manual 5 but are looking for a web based solution to make remote editing a bit easier.

Have you looked into ModX. Instead of a regular CMS (content management system), it is a CMF (content management framework). They call it “extensible by design”. There are two types, Evolution and for bigger sites Revolution. The best thing about it is that it puts all of the tools at your fingertips to write your own ticket, rather than having to make your needs fit into someone else’s plan.

We were looking for a similar tool about a year ago. We settled for something of our own eventually. I think it is well worth hiring a PHP programmer to whip up an application for you which can do everything you want it to do as against getting 3rd party apps to do what we want.