Document management / filing software?

I want to start scanning all my paper documents into a software filing system so that every item can be tagged and easily retrieved.

Can anyone recommend any?

Needs to have the following features

  1. OCR so scanned text is searchable
  2. Windows and Mac support.
  3. Can be easily backed up.

Also can anyone recommend a portable/small sized scanner?

You can try eDoc Organizer , it is free to use, nice and fast application. Scanitto Pro is an other scanning software you can try.

I have a slim Cannon with is the size of an A4 page and very slim, but I wouldn’t say that it is portable. Although if you’re going to scan large amounts of documents, you may want something that may have a tray.

For software, if you buy a scanner, it will be included. Cannon software is quite decent.

As for the format, I tend to file everything in pdf. I find it convenient and platform independent. The list of documents is in a database I created. But that’s just me.

Ok thanks. Actually portable probably isn’t the right word as I won’t be carrying it around, just wanted something small and not to take too much space.

I thought about just storing them as PDFs in folders, but I would prefer to have some kind of document management features for search and retrieval.