Doctrine i18n (Translation) help

Hi to all!

I’m having problems with configuring my doctrine project for multilanguage support. Sure, i have read the doctrine manual and still no results (in my case because i have specific demands). First my translation tables are called %TABLE%i18n and i can’t change this.
To make it short, questions are :

  1. Is there a way to generate models from my existing database and doctrine to somehow recognize my i18n tables and create appropriate modules and schema. Because now it only creates related settings and that’s it. Even if i put _translation table (that’s default in doctrine for translation tables). Still no results.

  2. When i create schema in doctrine actAs: I18n and fields: title (example) it creates everything correct. But hey i want to use my tables and my naming of classes so i put className: %CLASS%i18n %TABLE%i18n and damn’ it nothing.

Realy it confuses me and giving me hard time, please help.

The doctrine community is found at

I know that, thank you.

You’re welcome. I only mention it in case you didn’t know, and because you will find people there to be intimately familiar with Doctrine. Around here, you’ll be lucky to strike anyone who’s so-much-as played with that specific system.

I have to try because i’m stuck with this issue and seriously thinking to drop doctrine and go back to adodb (it’s not the same thing) much more flexible.

You could always try in our PHP Application Design forum. I understand that bigger brains lurk around that area.

Can someone move this thread there so i don’t write two posts with same content?! Thank you :slight_smile:

The request is in the system.