Do your clients know the CMS they want?

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I’ve seen a minority of clients requesting a specific CMS when they’re looking for developers, but the vast majority don’t care (and plenty of those don’t even bother using the CMS they get too!)
ie, does someone come to you requesting Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla, or some random one they’ve found? Or do they just take whatever it is you’re offering/recommending?

Many clients will take my word for it. Some have heard of CMS’s, Wordpress is pretty common sometimes, and a lot of people tell me they want an e-commerce site when they aren’t selling anything. But for many clients I deal with, they are not aware of what CMS’s are available, or even what they can do.

Some clients demand a specific CMS because it was the only one the pimply computer kid next door could think of. If so, you just have to guide them toward what’s most appropriate and within your experience.

I’ve found a lot don’t know but are interested in the ones I specialise in. Saying that I do get lots of enquiries about my specialist ones :slight_smile: