Do you watch Youtube tutorials?

I have a random question, I always watch Youtube tutorials for everything I need help with, do you also watch tutorials often?

Not for everything.
GIMP tutorials yes, for example, because it’s so much easier to understand how to do something in programs like that when I see it done in a video, rather than having to read a heap of text, and hope that I understand what the author was trying to explain.
When it comes to programming, never.

Not always

Yes, but I’m not regular. Sometime as per required.

Yes, always I prefer you tube explanation.

I prefer watching youtube tutorials to learn excel tips and tricks… it becomes lot more easy for me to understand the formulas… and how to practically apply them

Do you watch tutorials for webdesign (HTML, CSS, JS ETC) or do you read guides and stuff in text instead?

Yes, I do. I learned how to estimate conversion rates and another useful things from Youtube tutorials.

I watch you tube tutorial when i need some practical knowledge. You tube is best things for such kind of tutorial.

Yes, I would. Some of the videos are really reliable. I usually watch cooking videos.

Thats good, take a look at he has like over 200 videos with only webdesign and like 20 playlists.

Sometimes. Only when I don’t completely understand what I have to do or why things are the way they are.
But, when I do, I make sure I watch a few videos so that I know what is being said is true and someone isn’t pulling a quick one over me.

~I’m not a regular at doing this, but it is handy.

Yeah, sometimes they show the “wrong” way. :stuck_out_tongue:

If I think I can find a video tutorial somewhere beyond Youtube I will. Youtube is good for very strange tutorials that you pretty much can’t find anywhere else. Like how to make a TV antenna out of a beer can.

HAHAHA made me lol. True!

Yes. and for some topics they are really helpful. they entertain as well as inform.

yes i’m regular viewing youtube site.when i face a problem then i view youtube.



My main tutorial mania comes from Photoshop, After Effects, and any Adobe program that I need. Although Google searches come first as I find article writers are better help than 12 year olds who don’t know how to cut out their loading time when editing their video (no offense to 12 year olds).


yes i want the java tutorial on you tube. watching the video is the better then the reading.

Yes! Now a days I prefer to use the YouTube tutorial rather than reading. I believe that the actual execution of the techniques would be much more appealing and understandable.