Do you use visitor tracking? What do you use?

What do you use to track visitors on your site?

What do you find to be good or bad?

Anything you wish you had that isn’t out there?

I’m not too serious about analytics. I just it just to get a general idea of the number of visitors, what browsers are being used, and to help keep an eye on search terms and referral links. I’ve always just used google analytics (it’s free)


I use Google Analytics as well. I’m a pretty heavy user. We use it to track events on the our website and we set up goals to record specific actions. We also use it to measure activities surrounding SEO.

One of the bad things about Google’s platform is that keywords are sometimes not displayed if users are logged into Google.



Of-course Google Analytics. There is nothing better than this and you can extract very deep details about your visitors using Analytics however you first need to verify your users.

Analytics is more good enough. smanaher try using more of a tuneling as it gives you more detailed picture of what visitor was doing before the goal was reached.
I’m still not an expert in this, but already gave me some good results.

In regards to your question, I personally use Google Analytics. What I like that is good about Google Analytics is:

  1. It’s Free
  2. It connects with Google Webmaster Tools.
  3. Easily track multiple sites under one account.
  4. Visual data map is pretty easy to understand and grasp so I can see what regions visitors are coming from.

I currently don’t have anything negative or bad to say about Google Analytics. It works great.

I usually prefer google analytics it is pretty good.It is easy to track.

I prefer Google analytics than any other. Google analytics is easy to use and also it’s free.

Of course, Google Analytics. You can have a clear cut overview of your visitors, what keywords they are searching to reach your website, and can set your future goals to achieve and lot and lot more. Nothing is best more than Google Analytics so far.