Do you use Instagram to increase traffic to your (or client) website?

I got an impression that to have significant following you have to:

  1. expose as provocative as possible your curves
  2. post as frequent as possible
  3. add ridiculous number of tags

So, it makes Instagram pretty difficult to use to promote “usual products”, not so exiting products, like refrigerator or a kitchen (unless putting barely dressed girl in the kitchen but client will definitely not approve such wild approach).

Your thoughts?

Yes, instagram is a nice site to share photos and images and it generate the traffic to your website, if you count the traffic on instagram that it confirm that your website will get the traffic and it will become the mobile friendly. Photos and images on blogs are good way to raise the traffic.

Firstly develop an Instagram content strategy: tips to getting starting started with what and when to post.

  1. Use your images to tell a story, matching with your main website.
  2. Pick a general category for you photos that show a clear purpose/intent. category like humor, sentimental, company culture, artsy, etc.
  3. Rule of thumb: Do not post more than once every three hours.
  4. Don’t always post to every social profile you have. Instagram allows you to synchronize other social profiles, such as Facebook and Twitter, but you don’t need to post every picture to every profile… it will annoy your followers.
  5. Start a photo series. This could be something like #ThrowbackFriday or a weekly theme you start on your own.
    Some additional items to keep in mind when building your Instagram following:
    • Use branded hashtags with your company name or products .Include these in your bio in reasonable keywords.
    • Manage key metrics using Statigram.
    • Use the geolocation feature when posting pictures. This will let users find your locations easier.
    • Engage your followers with contests, giveaways, prizes, etc – engage with your followers more than simply uploading pictures.

I don’t personally because I work in an industry mostly selling to older people (Who wouldn’t even know what Instagram)

I did come across this live blog with the CEO of though: <snip>

They seem to use Instagram alot particularly for their “Driving in Heels” promotion (Half way down the page)

I dunno, this James Cuff guy seems to think quite a few women hang out at Instagram so your idea of putting naked women in everything could fall flat on its face.

Have you tried marketing products for women on there? Could be an idea.


The post you linked to is talking about Pinterest, not Instagram. Please ensure any links are relevant and add real value to a post.[/ot]