Do you upload both http and https search console code onto same site?

Our client has migrated from http to https. We are redirecting all the traffic from the http to https urls so effectively they just have 1 website. What happens with the Webmaster Codes. We have a Webmaster property for each version of the site, but do we upload both to the same website?

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Are you referring to the Google site verification file? If so, it should be the same for both versions of the site, so you would only need to upload it once.

It’s great that you have created a webmaster property for each version of the site. As Google indexes the new https page of your site, the traffic stats in Analytics will decrease for the http and increase for the https.

For the Google verification code, only add the meta name = “google-site-verification” content = “” for the https.

You can keep both, but the one with https will receive the most traffic, due the fact that http will be redirected. On google search website will be listed with https.

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