Do you think being indexed by Google after 12 days is fast enough?

One thing we did to get indexed quickly and help out with the SEO effort nicely was to add our page to google maps and google local businesses…generally it takes about 24 hours to appear on google maps and once google knows where you are on its map it doesn’t take long for the spider to come crawling :slight_smile:

12 days is ok if you link to some authority sites quickly…could be indexed in hours if you gather some links on a huge website which is crawled a few times each day…

I upload my new website a month ago. It was indexed by google 8 days later when I uploaded it to the web. During the time, I made many external links from many different forum and websites. I think you can shorter the time if you get a right method. Good luck!!

Its not too good but ok. Becos my site was indexed with in a week.

Continue adding additional backlinks and you can have even higher rankings.

hi Dwaynez, can I ask a question? I am a bit confused, when you say backlink, is it your anchor word to someone’s URL or is it the other way around? They say backlinking increases your traffic and good for you but what is the difference between backlinking and linkbacking?
for example I used the word “relax” in my article and then link it to a page in another website , is that backlinking? Or is it when another person wrote “relax” and linked that to one of the pages in my site? Im confused hehe.

Yes , indexing of website pages is possible in 12 days but you have to do more n more SMO for this, else might you have to wait for months and so on.
Do take care of websites content is original and pure.

Your doin a great job for me. :slight_smile:

i like the googlemaps idea. I may try that now :stuck_out_tongue: thanks

Well if you do daily change then it’s OK, but my website got indexed in just 8 days, without any content, I don’t know why and how, I think it’s all because of SITE POINT…

thanks :cool:SITEPOINT:cool:

It shouldn’t take more than 24-48 hrs for the googlebot to crawl your site following sitemap submission.

What’s more relevant other than getting indexed is to post volumes of quality content, work on linkbuilding (sites with high pr linking to your site / having your site url on their pages - clarification to one of the queries in preceding posts), using google analytics (free service) to analyse the organic traffic and keywords listing. If the content is good and is positive on demand-supply matrix, chances are you will rank highly for many keyword phrases. Following basic SEO principles while building web pages helps.

12 days is good its also possible in 7 day’s

Don’t stop promoting it though, a listing doesn’t mean a high ranking. Keep working, add backlinks and constantly updated content and see your site rise in the rankings for your niche.

It pretty good, but if you promote your site a little, such as social bookmark, your site can be indexed faster, but anyway, 12 days is good,

There is nothing wrong with twelve days!

Yea, wow 12 days is faster than anything I ever get indexed.

It took months for my site to get indexed, but my second site got indexed in less than a week after I added a sitemap to it. I now link my new sites my pr4 site and it gets indexed in 2 to 4 days.

As I understand you wait for months when you ignorantly submit your site directly to Google.

I will not say that 12 days is BAD but it’s okay. Today there are many techniques available. I’ve just launched my portal and got it indexed at 5th OR 6th day. But again saying 12 days is good. Any no lesser than 2 weeks are good.