Do you register for reply notifications?

Hello people :slight_smile:

Recently I had this question in my head that i would like to share with everyone…

I read many blogs and see many people replying to articles HOWEVER hardly any of them follow up when the article writer or someone else reacts to the reply they made…

This brings me to think that people either don’t register to get notifications or simply don’t care… that is VERY weird to me… isn’t that the whole idea of blogging!!!

What do you guys usually do? what are your thoughts on this?

Cheers to everyone!

people posting on blogs are not interested in the conversation, all they care about is getting their precious friggin backlinks

ain’t seo wonderful :nanaman:

hahaha!! that’s the feeling i’m getting… but even on that level, wouldn’t 'communicating and ‘networking’ result in more visitors to the blog they try to promote?

If someone makes a useful comment on one of my blogs, I generally thank them and add something to my reply… for instance, if they have linked to their blog, I’ll take a look and comment on one of their posts and then tell them that I visited in reply to their comment on mine.

In my comment on theirs, I’ll tell them “thanks for visiting me today” or something like that and then comment about the post.

I don’t worry about whether or not they will reply further on my blog, but I will check back a couple of times to see if there is more discussion on the comment on made in their blog. I bookmark, but I don’t “sign up” because I have found that I get oodles of emails every time anyone makes a comment, in some cases it has been months or years later.

Hey Linda :slight_smile:

Right on! sounds like a very positive and sociable approach! I hear you about not going the ‘register’ rout, makes perfect sense… is there no way to be notified when a reply was made to your comment only?

I think that varies from blog to blog and there is really no way of knowing.

OK, I’m sure i saw that somewhere… I’ll try to find it and post it here.


When possible, I sign up for notifications if I ask a question in my comment or if the post is interesting enough to keep on reading more comments. On my own blog, I reply to commenters but I’ve also sent an email to inform people of my reply if it’s substantial.

That is such a good idea. I have never considered doing that because I was worried about being labelled a “spammer” by their email accounts. Do you get good response from that strategy? It certainly seems like it would be a good way to keep a good discussion going.

I don’t often register do replies, but mainly because I don’t fancy looking after another hundred accounts worth of updates.

What you’ve said about emailing big updates can annoy some people, but I’ve had them from site owners before and found them extremely useful.

I find that it’s pretty nice and personal actually. :slight_smile: It’s one of those things I don’t always do because it may seem, as you say, a bit “spammy” if overdone. So I only do it if there is a genuinely interesting conversation between me and the commenter, where I want to both let them know I’ve replied and that I much appreciate their comment. People seem to like this. I would. As mentioned, it becomes more of a personal thing and I believe that’s great.

That is so awesome!!! really… networking and information exchange at it’s best!!


I do my best to reply people who leave comments on my blog as this also shows that I am concerned about my readers. However, it is more and more difficult to tell if a comment is genuine nowadays…

I personally feel that a responsible blogger should participate in blog commenting, appreciate valuable comments and filter the spam.

Even if you do not register for notifications, it is your duty to check your blogs manually for any new comments or suggestions

from the responses I am coming to think there are 2 main groups, The Networkers and the Backlinkers…

I rather be a networker…


I agree with the networkers. People that are just doing it for backlinks are pretty much spamming and actually not accomplishing what they set out to do. Most of those backlinkers don’t realize that all that backlinking is pretty much a waste of time because if you can bring value to the conversation you are much more likely to make a bigger impression and get more backlinks that do matter.

Finding a bigger network is always better than a single useless comment backlink.

not really, if the topic is interesting i just check it out again

People comments in blog to generate backlinks. But to have a proper conversation I feel forum is the best place.

Forum is the best place that i agree but blogs are also important that give us feedback about our services easily, what we should change and what not change can be known through blogs rather than forum…