Do You Like Your Boss

Hello friends,
do u like your boss ?
my answer his i hate my boss, he is a hitler

Yes, I like my boos because he is very talented.

Your boss invades Poland? Wears jackboots? Has been dead for over 60 years?


I had better, I am married to him :slight_smile: Or is it that he is married to his boss???

i am self-employed, and i hate my boss too

Was about to say: I’d better like him… I’m my own boss

but you beat me to it

I rock :smiley:

This is a question
The boss don’t care this problem

Probably should quit your job then, can’t be ethical or safe working for a zombie who’ll kill you if you disagree with him :stuck_out_tongue:

I am self employed, but I think your boss isn’t that bad, he just needs a time out :smiley:

I dont like my boss :frowning:

I like my boss. He is much helpful and talented. Im much inspired by him.

i don’t like it when my boss reprimands me in public
i believe it should be done in private :slight_smile:

Was gonna say I sleep in the same bed as my boss, but that’s open for too much of an interpretation.

I’m posting on this forum as I’m working for my boss. Does that answer your question of “Do I like my boss”? :wink:

  • we hardly talk.
  • I like my PMs at my new place, though. My Creative Director is a real romodel because his skill is freaken amazing.

My boss is a good man

yes, but i like his wife better :eyebrow: