Do you like to travel?

Do you like traveling? Which trip left the deepest impression on you?

I travel for over 40 years all over the world and there is definitely no place I can call the most impressive. All places have their own spirit if you see it.

But what I can definitely say is, that a trip is as better as less money you spent on it. Going into a 5 star beach hotel in Miami has nothing against a backpack tour through the non touristic areas in South America or Asia.

As less money the people have, as more love they are able to give to you. When you met a poor human in Asia he will offer you his last food, but if you ask a Millionär in America for a dime you get a kick in the ass…


The first time I saw the Colosseo.
How about you?

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I went to Tibet on my last trip and signed up with a local travel agency.

Yes I love travelling alot especially in summers. My best trip was Pakistan last year and I tell you it is one of the most beautiful countries around the world. The people are amazing and the hospitality is next level. Loved it there!