Do you like pizza?

I like pizza so much and I am really crazy for it.

I’m not crazy about pizza, but i make some real good ones. I only eat homemade pizza, or pizza made by pro pizza restaurants etc…
no one can make me eat that garbage sold in those cheap stores or big warehouses, where you only need to heat it up to eat it :crazy:

Alright, guys and gals, it’s been fun!
Interesting as it may be though, this thread has now really run its course and no longer has a place on SitePoint with the new quality control policy in General Chat.

Thread closed.

I dislike pizza :nono: especially after watching the movie SpaceBalls :shifty:

  • depends on the place and their creativity, really. One place here uses this thing called Nacho toppings. I’m dying to try that!

I enjoy true NYC style pizza. Preferably when it’s lukewarm, though. Can’t taste it when the molten cheese is burning your mouth :smiley:

Luckily, there’s two mom n’ pop places around here who do make NYC style pizza :smiley: