Do you like messenger Adamant?

I used messenger WhatsApp. I was pleased with it.
Security messenger began to embarrass me. I read a lot of information about personal data leakage. I began to look for a new secure messenger. I don’t want the distribution of my personal correspondence.
I found a secure messenger Adamant. What did I find out?
Adamant is an instant messenger that aims to restore trust in messaging services. The blockchain platform provides complete anonymity for the user and the security of transmitted data, and is also completely decentralized.
Features of the adamant messenger:
No one has access to the correspondence, address book, location of the user and other data that could identify him.
At the time of sending the message, its text is encrypted and decrypted only by the recipient’s device.
Messages are stored on the blockchain and are not transmitted to the device.
No one can block a user, restrict his actions or in any way control his use of the application (even the developers can’t).
It gives me confidence and I want to ask you.
Do you trust this messenger? Is he safe and can I sleep well?
Any experience or opinion.

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Whatever software you use there is a risk of it being compromised, the easiest from simple screen grabs by the receiver.

At the end of the day don’t say anything you wouldn’t want anyone to one day find out. It’s like all these celebrities who put nude pics on their cloud storage and then get hacked (assuming it’s not all a publicity stunt). If you don’t want naked pictures of you to be found on the internet don’t put them on the internet. Whether you think it’s secure or not.

sorry doesn’t really answer your question

Actually, you did. You didn’t reference Adamant, per se, but you did point out that nothing is bulletproof, and that even Adamant could be at risk. Solid advice. And I never understood celebs (or anyone, really) needing to put nude selfies in the cloud. The fappening is real, people!


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I’m not a celebrity and don’t use such tricks. I want to keep my personal information safe. It may be the addresses of my wallets, access to my mail, accounts and other data. I worry about that.

I agree with your opinion. There is nothing bulletproof. I hope that such a service will appear. We all need it. I don’t know whether it’s Adamant or anything else. I came here with a question. Do you know a secure service for transferring personal data? I will be glad to any advice.

That’s just it. There are hundreds (maybe) of apps that can securely transfer personal data, but they are all at risk. There are no apps that can 100% guarantee there will not be a breach. But you can research which ones are typically considered the most secure and hope for the best. But, as @Noppy has stated, don’t put anything on the internet that you don’t want anyone to find. Every time a company or individual increases the security of an app, you can bet there’s some hacker or script-kiddie who is de-compiling it to find other gaps in the armor, so to speak.


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I’m trying to explore. I don’t store personal information on the Internet. I sometimes feel the need to send the address of my wallet, access to any account and so on. I’m concerned about the possibility of secure data exchange. Adamant gave me hope that it’s possible. I want to know the experience and opinions of other users.

Hi everyone. I am still using messenger WhatsApp and I feel comfortable with it. I have never heard anything about Adamant. As I can see here in this topic it is not so bad but what is the main difference between them? Thank you.

WhatsApp stopped being safe. Adamant talks about security. I’m trying to figure out more.

The main thing I don’t like in it is that it requires a payment in order to use it. There are great messengers like e-Chat which are also very safe and they’re free to use. I’m not ready to pay for everything.

I agree with your opinion. There is nothing bulletproof. I hope that such a service will appear.