Do you know how to use this?

Hi, I hope i am in the right forum to ask about on how to use no-ip…I already registered it to the and i add host with port redirect…i use my public ip in the configuration…after that i donwloaded the DUC. and i run the tool and check the host that i created in the site then it updated my ip…but when i type in the url like this nothing happens…and also is no-ip will work with the IPN of paypal ?

Thank you in advance.

Why don’t you contact their support department?

I had never heard of the service until now, but it looks like it’s designed to be able to remotely access your computer at home. Your ISP is likely consistently changing your IP address, (typically to prevent customers from hosting servers on their home internet connection). This can turn into an issue when you go to remote into your desktop at home and your ISP decided to change your IP on you. Thus, the service likely installs some kind of service on your computer to detect your IP and forward it to their servers.

Normally it will work with what you did, check your configuration again or delete and add again.
Normal it will be active after 10/30 minutes. If this not helps, than you need to contact the noip support.

Does it show when you access with the IP online ‘http://YOURIP’ ?

If you are trying to service an ecommerce operation using home based hosting you are seriously misguided. Home hosting is a complete waste of time for any website, let alone one that needs to take transactions reliably. You can get cheap shared hosting for the price of a sandwich that will be a lot better solution.

I thought the Paypal transactions are handled by Paypal though?

They are, but there’s still a back-and-forth exchange of data to the host throughout the process. Aside from that, I believe he was talking about general reliability, not just with Paypal.