Do you know how to fix this issue

The template is fine on most browsers but on Internet Explorer
shows a problem on the right hand side bottom of the footer
which doesn´t stretch fully.

Would appreciate if you could highlight what´s wrong with the code
and what to change it for.

Thanks so much for your time and support!

Your site looks fine in IE9. Are you talking about an older version of IE?

I´m on IE8 and so a lot of people…

What could be done to look fine cross most browsers
including IE8?

Your help would be really appreciated.

Indeed, but it’s still important information.

You are using very outdated code there. I recommend you look into CSS-based layouts. Anyhow, it seems the problem is the margin on the body element itself.

If you put this into your CSS style sheet, you will get rid of that gap:

body {margin: 0;}

Awesome. Thanks so much.

Much appreciated!!! :slight_smile:

Great, glad that helped! (I’m usually not too good at debugging IE.)