Do you know how can i built this system

do you know how can i built this system
I wanted to make in wordpress ,but i see no options so let me know


You need to first get a piece of paper and pencil, and write down all the requirements for this system, grouping them into categories. For example, exactly what will go in “New” or “Orders”. If you show that you have worked out the details yourself, and you don’t know how to go from there, show us what you have and ask specific questions about your issues with it.

Once you have thought about how the pieces go together, you are ready to code.

At this point, it might also help if you went through a number of PHP tutorials or courses before you tried to build this.


If you’re looking to build an app, don’t bother with a Wordpress blog.

If you want to build on PHP, either assemble it yourself from common packages such as from Symphony and others, or use a better suited framework like Laravel.

Modern apps tend to have Ajax-heavy interfaces built on Javascript, so you’ll want to look in to those frameworks as well. Names like React, Vue, and Angular come to mind.

There are a hundred tools you could use, but Wordpress isn’t on the list.

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@zack1 @WebMachine .besides hard coding i cant build via any CMS ?

An image isn’t much of a specification. As @WebMachine says, you need to write a fairly detailed description of what you want to do…

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Build first on paper and then start writing codes.

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check dis view-source:

this site uses admin panel im talking about

It is possible to do it with WordPress, but that would involve coding quite a few different custom post types. There is a plugin that will do this, I believe it’s called Advanced Custom Posttypes. But I’ve never used it because I prefer to code them myself.

But you can’t put the cart before the horse. You need to plan it out carefully first.

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@WebMachine tnx will try dat

so you feel i’ve no career in wordpress after say 10 years if i stick with CMS ,as hard coding is really hard for me

I know below jobs ,but due to so many new IT languages I feel CONFUSE

Can u suggest best & easy coding language which you can suggest for newbee like me

About me-I can help design website in HTML,PHP,CMS like Wordpress,Joomla,Magento,E-commerce,PSD to html,speedup a site ,make it responsive,do graphic designing,also offer writing services,fix google errors,improve security,upgrade design,increase visitors,ECOMMERCE Site,Transfer website from 1 host to other etc task

Don’t those two statements contradict one another???

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You really shouldn’t be advertising these skills if you are asking how to get started on projects, and

Why don’t you take some time out, go through some project-based tutorials or courses to learn how to plan and build sites and applications from the ground up. I would suggest HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript and PHP/mySQL, but remember it takes a long time and lots and lots of practice before you become really good at them.


@Gandalf yes but I consider myself newbee considering my knowledge

I agree ,but can u suggest course dat i should try considering my skills

Have you tried any of the courses at SitePoint Premium? There is an excellent range of video courses from beginner html and css all the way up to more advanced topics in PHP, etc.

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paid courses camt afford ,so depend on online mostly

There is a lot of free content on SitePoint Premium; I suggest you have a look.

I’d also suggest that if you’re serious about wanting to learn and develop a career in this area, that you try to put aside a small sum each month for books or online courses. Get together with a colleague and share the cost of a book, or buy second-hand (but make sure the book is recent).

The bottom line is that you need to learn these skills correctly (i.e. from a reliable source) is you want to offer these services.


sure tnx for gem advice will try SitePoint Premium

I am basically electronics telecom engineer by degree,so needed your expert advice

This offer of free SitePoint books still seems to be available, @Atik1:

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For continuing or refreshing your PHP knowledge, you definitely want to go through this:

It is basically an online book, and links to a lot of study resources, including how to use Composer and package management, PSR, Vagrant, and source control.

There is no way you’ll build a custom app in PHP without understanding Composer and libraries and so forth. Of course you can try to start your app on a framework, but even the common frameworks are just a series of Composer libraries pieced together. Check out:
As possible options.

Wordpress is not an app framework. It’s a website CMS. If you want to build a website but make the Wordpress admin sidebar have some special sections, yes you can probably do that.

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