Do you know any monitoring soft?

Hi guys, do you know any softs that monitors the work activity of employees on the work place and influences their productivity?

Cyclope is OK, I almost like the idea, but they have the demo version only for 15 days, it is 10 work days. This time is enough only for installation, as I have a big company and couple of days are left to understand the concept and how does it work, that’s all. Also the price for the soft is hidden, so I can judge that it costs good money. And at last, there is a lot of statistics I should look through the work day to evaluate the productivity of every employee and the whole company. It can be time and money consuming.

Of cause the employees should feel free on the work place, thats why I do not want use CCTV or spyers. I want smth fresh. According to statistics the average employee spends 20%-40% of work time surfing entertaining web sites and using work time for private interests, among the most popular are: porno, gambles, on-line shops, forums… Can you imagine how much time is lost for the company. I like creativity but I do not to pay for self entertainment on the work place.

You are perfectly right, you would be amazed to find out how many ways your employees waste the working time for non-work related staff.

I can highly recommend you Cyclope Employee Surveillance, from Cyclope-Series – it is a non-invasive monitoring tool that aims to help managers increase their employees productivity; it does not record the content of the e-mails, chat, documents, etc, but the activity on each of them. Furthermore it has an “Top unproductive” report where you can see how much losses each employee causes your business. You can read more on and also access the[URL=“”] demo version to see all its features and reports.

Good luck and keep us updated.

I don’t know what you mean by “influences their productivity” however there are lots of products for monitoring employee activities and to find them you only need to search Google. There was a study a while ago saying that generally speaking, giving your staff a free range of the web will leave them more relaxed and they will end up MORE productive than if you restrict them. Of course there will be people who abuse the service but in reality, when most people go off and do something unproductive, it’s usually because their not in the creative mindset (which isn’t something you can force upon people). So I wouldn’t bother and just trust your employees to do their jobs within the assigned deadlines, no point in having unhappy workers, as long as they meet targets, the side-stuff doesn’t matter. :slight_smile: