Do you know any good cliches?

I kind of like cliches,but someone using cliches constantly in a conversation can be most annoying. " Tip of the iceberg" “Reins of Government”
“Bite the dust” etc etc . Know any good ones?

When I get some down time, I’ll put my thinking cap on and dig a few up.

good clichés are scarce as hen’s teeth, for the life of me i can’t think of any

Coming up with such words of wisdom came and went by the skin of my teeth.

With no pun intended, to such advice being passed around like hooker, your goose is cooked. :smiley:

Well, there’s always something in everything :smiley:

‘He had an ace up his sleeve’

“To sum it all up”
“Cream of the crop”
Many of these cliches can be used in creative writing to gain attention.

‘Bite the dust.’ I like that one. ‘Armed to the teeth’ the latter is kind of onomatopoeic.:slight_smile:

Whenever someone is making a new framework, it’s ALWAYS ‘lightweight’, ‘easy to use’ and ‘flexible’.

Its funny how pretty much all of them boast those features, and yet have huge file sizes, a 1000 page documentation and have every ounce of flexibility hard-coded out of them!.

oh, they’ll get my attention, all right – they scream “hackeyed writer” and my finger hits the Back button faster than you can say “i’m outta here”