Do you know any free Tumblr Autopost Bot for posting images?

I have a tumbrl and i wanna upload 10k images, uploaded obviously one by one, with same tags and caption
Is there any free bot i can use it?

Could you explain more clearly why you want to do this, because the description you’ve given so far sounds to me like Spamming.

Not spamming.
I have to upload 10.000 photoes separately in my tumbrl, put them in queque and
post them some per day till the end of the quantity.

All of them are related to one topic so the hashtag are the same.

I only need a program which automatize the upload proccess, so all of the pics are put in queque and would be posted every day.

As long as Tumblr has an API—which it seems to—it’s possible to create a script to automate the process of making daily posts etc. The first thing I thought of here was the Indie Web group, who create scripts to post their content elsewhere while still retaining control of their content. E.g. they make Twitter posts to their own site and the script then posts them to Twitter—meaning that if Twitter ever closes up shop, they will still get to keep all their tweets.

I did find an Indie Web page about Tumblr. It may not do what you want, but might be an example of how a script can be set up to do what you want:

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