Do you know any CSS editor with a color picker like this?


do you know any IDE with a color picker like this?

You just click on the hex color code, right click, chose a color and the color code changes.



TopStyle 3.5 Lite is a pretty good editor, I use it myself.

I use Topstyle myself but this add-on for FF could come in handy for debugging purposes with firebug :smiley:

That’s what I use, as well (well, the pro version, that is. :slight_smile: ). I really like the feature set it provides.

I use the ColorZilla FF extension

tirengarfio, have you considered a separate color picker (which you can use with your favourite CSS editor), I use ColorSchemer Studio and it’s among my favourite pieces of software. I literally use it on a daily basis. I always do my HTML / CSS editing in Notepad++ so a separate editor really isn’t an issue for me.