Do you know about Digg Marketing?

Hello Friends can anybody tell me about Digg-one of the good sites for SEO,and its marketing…i saw previously that somebody told me regarding Digg Marketing?would like to know more detail about it?

Digg is one of the ten most popular bookmarking sites around the web. However, it’s not an assurance that the campaign is a success if you’re only using this site. There are already thousands of users in the site and whether you like it or not, it’s not a guarantee that your post will easily earn “unique clicks” once it appears on the front page. To be successful in online marketing, explore the benefits of other websites beyond Digg.

its a good tool for link building but make sure not to spam it.

I’ve hear of and how if you get a lot of thumbs up on your articles it can really add up to a lot more traffic over time simply because you have an interesting article or video to share with others.

Digg is one of the popular site in terms of SEO,
In Digg you can post URL and take votes from others,As much as vote you get your story become popular.

Take a look at new digg design, it has been reversed to v1 stage. It is only useful for big sharks now. Because the links on the homepage are from authority sites only.

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