Do you have STALKER?

I have one, and the scariest point here is he is my neighbor and relatives. At present I still don’t know what to do.

How do you prevent this kind of situation? Please share.

Oh, don’t bother bringing him up, he really is my twin, but hes 18 (soon to be 19 :D)

By the way Sitepoint, I’m a twin! :p. I’m > at CSS (and rubiks cubes) then my brother though haha :wink:

Edit-funny you say he “used to stalk me all over the place”. I got a job first at KFC, he follows me there…I quit and go to DQ, he leaves and follows me there…stalker me thinks.

are you talking about your evil twin eric? as i recall he used to stalk you all over da place

I wouldn’t mind if she was 16, but she is jailbait, haha :rofl:

They make me sick and annoy. What a bad trip.

RIP ! :lol:

We’ve gotten unclear on the difference between obsession and stalking I think…not that it was ever clear in the first place, but I think my point’s understood.

It’s gotten to the point where saying “hi” to a stranger may qualify you as a stalker, who knows? If you’re already a freaky stalker in your mind, why not boil some rabbit?

Agreed! I wonder how much stalking these so-called stalkers do though…I mean, when people say a “stalker” what do they actually mean? What constitutes as stalking these days? If I was seriously being stalked then calling the cops is exactly what I’d do and get a restraining order. Luckily I don’t even have anyone that annoys me, nevermind stalks!

Andrew Cooper

I have a 15 year old stalker. It’s quite bothersome :-/

lolz…Thats the best use of that stacker :wink:

I am my stalker :stuck_out_tongue:

Stalking is a term commonly used to refer to unwanted attention by individuals (and sometimes groups of people) to others.

Sounds like the entire philosophy behind Facebook… you sign up for an account and add as many friends as you can for the popularity status, then get unwanted attention and an excess of people following your every move whether you’re aware of it or not (the privacy issue). I would say everyone is a stalker. :stuck_out_tongue:

You have a twin-in-stalking:cool:

Best… reply… yet :lol:

Try it so that you will know the strange feeling to be stalked.

Shouldn’t you be calling the cops? You can get restraining orders for that sort of criminal nuisance.

I’m thinking to buy one…

I hate people doing that if they adore someone just keep it to their self. If you really want her/his to know, than say it but please don’t be exaggerate to be on that person. If you know or feel that she/he don’t like you, then be it don’t push yourself to the person that don’t like you, simple as that.

Ah, done some stalking, been stalked, circle of life. :shifty:

I’m kidding…sort of.

I had a digital stalker once… I just kept annoying him till he decided to give up and go away though. :slight_smile: