Do you have any skills you never use?

Do you have any skills you never use?

When I was in college I followed quite a lot of courses on data mining, three to be exact. I found it an interesting topic and the math involved intrigued me, even though I’m normally not very good at it. I liked it so much I even wrote my Master’s thesis on this subject, and graduated on it.

Now, a few months later, I find that in my every day job as a web developer I no longer use any of the knowledge I have about data mining. Because I slightly missed it, I proposed a client who had a survey on their website just a couple of weeks ago that I would look for relations within the answers of said survey (for free too, as they are a non-profit origanisation and I think their cause is good). They accepted my proposal (why wouldn’t they, it was for free after all :D) and I spent some time looking for relations in the data and creating some nice graphs. I enjoyed myself doing this, partly because I could put some of my knowledge to use, and partly because it was a nice break from every day routine.

Now, beside the instance above, I don’t ever use data mining anymore, and I somehow feel guilty for having all this knowledge, but not sharing it with anyone. Yet on the other hand I don’t really feel like doing anything about it. I wouldn’t become a data mining consultant for example, that just doesn’t sound like a nice job to me. Color me undecided :slight_smile:

Do you also have any skills you never use? If so, do you regret that and/or plan to do anything about it?

I have some skill though but all of my skill doesn’t works to my advantage…well maybe a little. But not that much that I can earn and call it a decent income for a living.

LOL. Good idea for a cartoon. Or a TV series.

Nope (nothing radioactive in our dept : ), but the nuke med guys do : ) They had a Nintendo in the hot room where they’d sit and play during tests.

I hated typing X-rays. Too routine. Do you glow in the dark?

I was a radiographer. I got a secret peek into the secret abbrevs as we did use some of them. We’d also sometimes see reports coming back from transcription.

Ooo! I wish. I never could type 250 WPM; in fact, I’m a pretty rotten typist. But, I still remember all of those little abbreviations.

What’s your connection that makes you know about the abbreviations?

I am an expert medical transcriptionist. I retired 10+ years ago… and, no, I neither regret it nor intend to do anything about it.

I will admit to regretting no longer being up to the minute on what’s happening in medicine.

Do you regret no longer being able to type 250 wpm or knowing all those little abbreviations?? : ) I always thought that was pretty cool.

I personally don’t design or program much anymore. I am more in project management. In the personal realm, I know how to play guitar, but don’t do that much anymore either.

I took 8 years of Latin as well…

Hmmm what else

Java, C, Statistics, Adobe Photoshop, Linear Algrebra, tons of math courses that I took minoring in Math with a BS in Computer Science. I still love Math though, so no regrets.

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That is unfortunate, I would think that a career specializing in data mining would be extremely lucrative especially compared to a career as a web developer.

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But have you built a Farraday cage for your PC yet?

no. do i need one? :shifty:

I have been working with tesla coils with my son, for educational purposes.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Figure drawing.

When I left school, I was all set to be a professional illustrator. I spent months and months working on still lives and figure drawing. I dug up medical books on skeletons and muscles, and looked at proportion and perspective.

Drew lots of comics, bought some awesome coloured pencils, worked on various methods of shading, bracelet colouring, hatching, all sorts of fun stuff.

Then learnt HTML and never looked back.

Might be for the best though. Even after all that practice, I wasn’t really that good. I do miss drawing sometimes, but hardly have the time to sit and sketch these days. I ought to make time someday.


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