Do You Have Any Better Design Options


I’m building a very small app that allows my users to post content to a map.

The home screen of the app contains a map with all of the posts (as seen below).


01 - if a user posts a post from the same area, two pins will be on top of each other so you won’t be able to access one of them

02 - if a lot of content is posted it will be hard to click on each pin

03 - when you zoom all the way out, there will be too many pins

Can anyone recommend trying anything else please?

Easiest thing would be the use of a key, like google maps, where you can select/filter Pins from the Key if the Pin on the map is inaccessible.

With regards to zooming, if you are in a situation where there are too many pins wouldn’t it be better to break the map into regions and have a pin/region if there is anyone in that area. Once you have zoomed into that area you can replace it with the correct pins.

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