Do you have a desktop screensaver?

I’m guessing most users here have LCD monitors. The technological need for a screensaver is pretty much gone these days.Does anyone still use screensavers? Any idea what percentage of computers have anything other than the original preloaded screensavers?

Actually Screensavers can be important on LCD, you can still get damage “stuck pixels” if the screen is left static too long for hours and you don’t have it shut-off the monitor after a period of inactivity.

I just use the Windows 7 default, the days of me caring about what my screensaver are long behind me!

I still think they are important to have as above poster mentions.

Yes i have screensavers but i dont think its important

I still have my screen savers on. It’s nice looking at some happy photos whenever I start up my computer.

yes i am using desktop screen saver

I resurrected an old monitor and now have two screens - the smaller screen with

I forgot to mention the soothing wave sounds breaking on the beach, far better than any screen saver.

Ya i have but i use default windows 8 screensaver…

No i don’t i have used it when i am a little kid and i really love it and i use to change it every day.

That’s not really much of an issue with LCDs manufactured in 2005 and onward.

No I never keep desktop screen saver because i don’t like that.

nope, i dont use screen savers. i like seeing my desktop everytime i glance at my laptop or computer.

Most of the people don’t use the screen saver but it is important for any type of screens whether it is lcd or tft.So use of screen saver is important.

I heard that screensaver is good to control the monitor performance. But i never use screen saver…

A screen saver doesn’t change the response time, refresh rate, color depth, or contrast of a monitor.

Yes, a screensaver with photos from my last holiday.

And after a few minutes it turns to standby modus to save energy.

No , I don’t use screensaver at this time…Earlier i used but not yet


I have Windows boses and I select “None”, which means my screens go black after the pre-set time.

Works for me!

The use of screen saver is beneficial for the monitor, and additionally having a screensaver makes to get more attention from other people and it gives more pleasing feeling while having a nice screen saver on the screen!!

Really? How’s that?