Do you have a bad travel exprience?

Yes i have a bad travel experience,when i was going to my college first time.

Thailand - on arrival in bangkok we were driven in a tuctuc at night to the wrong end of the city and left there. No one was around to drive us back so it was a very very long night.

My round-trip flight to/from Bangkok. Trans-pacific flights are never pleasant but mine could have been better. I flew on Northwest for this trip and it was not so bad. I left from Indianapolis airport at around 9am (IND) and my trip to Bangkok consisted of going through Atlanta (ATL) and Tokyo-Narita (NRT). So far, this leg of the trip wasn’t so bad. I mean, I did get lost trying to get to the International Departures area of Atlanta airport and going on a transpacific flight with no sleep under your belt is always a little slice of hell. Worse still, since I was going for my SRS in Bangkok, I had requested a soft/liquid diet and the people on the ATL-NRT leg of my flight did not get the message. They did get it from NRT-BKK but by then it was too late. I arrived in Bangkok at about 11:30 at night.

The return trip was also hell. I had to pack all my **** and I could not get any sort of sleep so I was playing around on the hotel’s computers while I was waiting for the driver to come take me back to Subvarnabhumi airport. This was about 4am. I got a wheelchair this time around since I wasn’t exactly mobile yet. However, there is one benefit that being in a wheelchair gets you that you do not get normally - you clear immigration and security a hell of lot faster this way. The leg of my flight from BKK-NRT was not pleasant as one of the stewards called me “sir” and the purser got an earful from me about this. The NRT-Detroit (DTW) leg of my flight was a little better, albeit, I needed to summon the stewardess to provide a little bit of assistance I could use the loo so I needed to ring her each time I needed to go.

The wheelchair experience in Detroit was not the best, I can say that much. Once we cleared immigration, the dude who was pushing my chair left to go diddle himself or something like that so I had to wheel myself to the baggage carousel hoist my just-below the bagging limits luggage and wheel myself into the line for customs. Once we cleared customs and TSA, apparently NWA was content to cancel and change my flight three times. One of these times, I had to wait what seemed like 45 minutes for the guy with the chair to come back to the plane to help me get to the new gate. Once there, the gate agent made me wait at the desk for an excrutiatingly long time and then rolled me onto the breeze way and closed the door behind me without helping me to the plane.

had some bad in when i was alone Ho Chi Minh… hehe lost $50 for a dew beer and some soft shell crab… and the guy try bicycle cab try to fight me for my money lol… In cambodia is pretty bad too all those fake officers near the border. The real ones are pretty bad too… wait first in line for a closed entrance… then they come beg for $20 to stamp without waiting… after they get all the suckers in the office opens and do it for free make my blood boil :stuck_out_tongue:

Thats a crazy story, I think Ive seen too many documentaries on stories like this to make me never want to go to these places :eek2:

Im lucky enough to say Ive never had a bad travel experience but I did get bad sunburn but nothing to leave damage or anything…I also had a bad flight with school kids going to the same location as us, had a bit of an altercation with two students on the flight, sort of a face off fight…when I think of it it was scary lol the flight staff were crap aswell, giving out drink left right and centre to these kids and didnt really care as they were getting the money for it :rolleyes: that was the first flight I ever had and I’ll never forget it, screaming drunk teenagers, must have been like 50 of them on the flight all around us and it was a nightmare, lasted 5 hrs and I thought we would never get there…there were complaints from the other passengers to the holiday company we were with and we had a fantastic flight on the way back, didnt feel like 5 hrs at all and we slept through :tup:

Its called Banged up Abroad on Sky here and I love that programme…doesnt seem to be on anymore but its amazing how gullible and stupid people can be while holidaying :nono: hopefully they might have a new series cause it is very good

I was a pilot in my previous career and had plenty of domestic disasters. It’s been a few years now and I still cringe every time I have to go to the airport.

yes i do have a bad travel experiance ,when i was traveling from dubor to nisatur,the bus just banged to another one bus.

Yes i do have a bad travel experience and i have a severe back pain,and vomiting during travel.It was really a bad travel.

This things are quiet rampant in all travel destinations around the world. I too had almost a similar experience and had to pay up as there was no other way out.

i am from China, would you pls tell me what bad experience you had in China?:slight_smile:

Did he not see the great wall ? :slight_smile:

Very bad experience!!
I’m not so far faced big problems when I am traveling and I hope it will keep be in future too.

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Any trip that involved Spirit Airlines was my nightmare…finally learned my lesson…never again…will pay the extra money to fly with someone else…

You don’t catch the spirit of fly…:lol:

Don’t have yet a bad travel experience

^you have time…:lol:

Once I went in a trip with many trains, I lost first train, I changed thirth and than just jumped from one bus to another…with wife and kids and a lot of baggages for sure…real adventure :lol: