Do you have a bad travel exprience?

I have a nightmare in Hanoi and Sapa
In Hanoi we got in a taxi with a corrupt taxidriver, his meter was running twice as we were really driving and when we wanted to stop, the driver threatened us with a stick. He wanted the money for the distance he had already driven (20.000 dong for 500 meter).
There were 3 hotels with the same name in a row in Hanoi. We had booked one and the one we walked in said we had to wait until 8 am before we could get the room with window for 15 dollar (which they also said in a reservation e-mail). We could wait in a small other room without window (which they did not say in their e-mail; it said we had to wait in the lobby and could use the internet there). So when I asked about this internet at 8 am, they took me to the hotel with the same name next door. There I asked about the room and got the room for the price they e-mailed me. When I wanted to pick up my luggage, the first hotel charged me 15 dollar for the room! For just 3 hours without any using of the toilet or shower. And the room with window costs 15 dollar, so the room without should be less right? No, also 15 dollar. Great.
In Sapa my friend got hit by a car. He was protecting his head by raising his arm (cars were racing by on the road really close). His hand touched a outside mirror of a passing car and the mirror folded inward (like you sometimes do when you park your car on a busy road). The driver got mad and wanted 4 million dong (300 dollar) for his broken window (which wasn’t broken at all). He grabbed a stone and wanted to throw it at my friend when he refused to pay. Thank god there were more people there to help him, because this would have escalated badly otherwise. An English guy and his Vietnamese wife passed by and talked to us and them. She said that the driver said that we were just rich Westerners and that we could well pay a 100 dollars. The English guy guy told us this happens everyday over there. So this is how some North Vietnamese make a living.
This is our experience and I am sure there are much more nice Vietnamese than bad ones, but take this as a warning. Be careful not to get hit by a car, because you have to pay for it.

It’s always good to do a bit of research before traveling to e new place, but even then you can’t always avoid the tourist rates that can occur in some countries.

I’m lucky that generally speaking I’ve been pretty much okay with my travelling. Even when I have been ripped off, I haven’t felt like I have.

Worst so far I’ve had has been in Rome, whereby I got thrown out of the Vatican City for “not respecting their culture”. Not really entirely sure why, I was respectfully dressed, didn’t take photos in no photo areas, and generally was okay.

I think it was a case of mistaken identity, by having the lovely Swiss guard tell me on the way out of the most holiest place in the world “eff you and eff your president!” (I’m Brit, and obviously a Brit, we don’t have a president, so who’s not respecting other people’s culture now?)

But I was put in a headlock by a big burly Swiss guard, and forceably marched from the country (yes, the Vatican City is technically a country, therefore I wager I’m the only member of sitepoint to be technically deported). I met up with my friend in a bar later on that day, who wasn’t deported (nice friend eh? He said he just laughed), and asked me that on the way out was I “Fwown to the fwoar?” (wonder if anybody gets that reference).

But otherwise, I’ve been pretty lucky. Probably would never go back to Rome though.

This really a shame with Vietnamese because Hanoi is the Vietnam’s capital.
But I think you would be better if traveling in the South of Vietnam: from Hue to Hochiminh, people are more friendly, polite…
I have a good time in Phanthiet maybe one of the best beach and the people is very warm. Mui Nee is beautiful and INEXPENSIVE
And I think you need check info anyplaces in vietnam before go to.

That film is one of the few that has me in tears of laughter every time I see it.

Pity you had such a bad time in Rome (or Wome should I say!) - we had a wonderful time there last summer. But then I wasn’t man-handled by the Swiss Guard (there are people that would pay good money for that!).

No real travel disasters here far as I can remember. Took a last minute holiday in Corfu about 10 years ago and got stuck in Cavos. I think that probably says it all for anyone who’s ever been to Corfu. Never been to such a horrific hole in my life, inhabited by drunk teenagers throwing up in the gutter at 8am. Their parents must be so proud…

That’s an awful way to spend a vacation. Generally I’ve noticed that if you’re another color (no pun intended), it’s either they get scared of you and keep their distance on the streets (it’s easy to spot this), or they charge you 2x as much as it would normally cost.

wow how terrible. most of my travels have been great so far. backpacking can be truly fun.

yes, very bad experience. to somewhere in china in 2006. No sex experience, bad !!!

yes i have bad experience in china

Never had any bad experience while traveling except once forgot to take my wallet where there were cash,but God saved me as I had the card with me,otherwise I would have been in real trouble then.

yeah when i m in las vegas hotels.i loss my luggage.somebody stolen it…

Oh my, that’s so bad experience. I never had such vacation trouble in any other way, Thank God! Have you reported it to the authority? You should get the plate number of the taxi. armchaircritic was right do a bit of research when you are going to a place that you’ve never been to, to avoid those things again.

[FONT=“Georgia”]Damn, dude!

Worst travel experience for me was getting stuck in Antigua with no local currency, and having to spend the day in the airport, stretching $15 EC in loose change as far as it could go, until I finally got someone to buy my TT dollars.


[FONT=“Georgia”]Anyone ever seen that show, ‘Locked Up Abroad’ ?

I love that show.


I was snowy last winter in a village but I did meet friendly people there and it was a happy end :slight_smile:

This is our experience and I am sure there are much more nice Vietnamese than bad ones, but take this as a warning. Be careful not to get hit by a car, because you have to pay for it.

Yes i was having really a bad travel experience when i was going to shimla.

Yeah, try to stay in the US where its safe, mexico is dangerous and some of the those countries in asia can be inhospitable.

Ever been to Mexico? Honestly one of the most incredible countries in the world, and safe. Likewise with most of asia.

You fail at the internet. Really you do.

I wanna see Mexico now !!:shifty: